OxyMade Framework V1.5 - Fluid typography released

Version 1.6.3 - Apr 9th, 2023

FIX: Oxygen Stylesheets editor bug fixed.

**Version 1.6.2 - June 10th, 2022

FIX: One-click color palette generation warning fixed.

Version 1.6.1 - June 8th, 2022

FIX: Gutenberg + OxyMade Fluid Headings Integration for Custom post types.

Version 1.6.0 - June 6th, 2022

NEW: Fluid Spacing Variables added for all spacing classes. Now you can use our spacing variables directly inside the Oxygen builder.

FIX: Fluid text settings issues solved.

FIX: Gutenberg addon & OxyMade fluid typography conflict solved.

FIX: Various small fixes which enhance the workflow.

UPGRADE: Upgraded all our sets to the new Oxygen 4.0 JSON format.

Version 1.5.9 - February 4th, 2022

FIX: OxyMade Fluid Text Settings comma issue for some languages.

FIX: Fixes for a few link color issues.

Version 1.5.8 - January 28th, 2022

FIX: OxyMade + Gutenberg colours will show on the front-end.

Version 1.5.7 - November 18th, 2021

FIX: Fixed a bug with fluid text applying on a few websites.

NEW: ADDED Inline & relative classes.

Version 1.5.6 - November 17th, 2021

FIX: Fixed a bug with fluid text applying on a few websites.

Version 1.5.5 - November 17th, 2021

FIX: Fixed a bug with reset design set styles.

Version 1.5.4 - November 16th, 2021

NEW: Arya Design Set release.

FIX: Fixed missing Blogzine Design Set styles in the stylesheet.

Version 1.5.3 - November 4th, 2021

NEW: Sync fluid heading and body text with Oxygen's default global headings and body text.

FIX: Extra colour variables correct output.

FIX: A small bug was fixed while generating Fluid typography headings.

Version 1.5.2 - October 21st, 2021

FIX: Merge function working again.

Version 1.5.1 - October 19th, 2021

FIX: Fixed auto-setup of viewport widths in fluid typography. Click on "Fluid Text Settings" in the Base design set box and click on save settings in the slide over panel to apply correct viewport sizes. Ad a few bug fixes.

OxyMade Framework V1.5 - Fluid typography generator is out 🎁 🎉

Hello all,

** We have just introduced our new type-scale-based fluid typography generator in our new version.😍 **

👉 You can generate dynamic heading classes with type-scale powered typography.

👉 You can generate all text classes with simple settings as you want.

👉 You can set line-heights to all the text classes as you want with one click.

👉 You can set up 100% fluid typography for all our heading and text classes based on the viewport size.

You can find more info on how to use it here: https://learn.oxymade.com/docs/modules/fluid-typography/

This is one of the most requested features and it is already out now 🙂

We are also going to launch an awesome new design set "ARYA" in the next few days and more info will be out very soon. 🥳

OxyMade Framework V1.4 released

Version 1.4.7 - September 17th, 2021

  • FIX: Inline CSS error fixed when wp_debug is enabled.
  • NEW: Added divide-x and divide-y classes.

Version 1.4.6 - September 9th, 2021

  • FIX: A few fixes related to debugging errors.

Version 1.4.5 - September 2nd, 2021

  • FIX: A few fixes related to Gutenberg have been fixed.

Version 1.4.4 - August 18th, 2021

  • NEW: Opacity colour variables added.
  • NEW: Overlay classes added.

Version 1.4.3 - August 18th, 2021

  • NEW: Smooth toggles effect, auto close other toggles when one toggle is opened.
  • FIX: Change to id bug fixed.

Version 1.4.2 - August 18th, 2021

  • FIX: Gutenberg colours appearing in the editor even when the feature is disabled, bug fixed.

Version 1.4.1 - August 18th, 2021

  • FIX: Fixed colours slide over display issue in Firefox.

Version 1.4.0 - August 18th, 2021

  • NEW: Auto colour palette generation using the primary colour added.
  • NEW: Auto dark mode feature added.
  • NEW: Auto beautiful typography for Blogzine blog posts added.
  • NEW: Margin top & left utility classes added.
  • NEW: Padding each side utility classes added.
  • NEW: OxyMade Color system sync with Gutenberg added.
  • NEW: Replace Gutenberg colours with OxyMade Colors for better design system added.
  • NEW: 10px REM settings options panel added.
  • NEW: Oxygen native class locking implemented.
  • NEW: Better colour manager implemented in Oxygen editor with more colour options.
  • NEW: space-x classes added.
  • FIX: Gutenberg font size bug fixed.
  • FIX: A bug in the cheatsheet search functionality fixed.

Re-install framework will fix the class locking issue.

OxyMade Framework V1.3 - Purge released

Version 1.3.2 - July 27th, 2021

  • FIX: Locked all the classes.
  • FIX: Color import fixed.

Re-install framework will fix the class locking issue.

Version 1.3.1 - July 4th, 2021

  • NEW: Section padding utilities added
  • NEW: Margin-top and left utilities added with min(max responsive values.
  • NEW: horizontal-reverse, vertical-reverse classes added for lg, md, sm breakpoints.
  • FIX: 3-col, 4-col grid elements naming fixed.

Re-install framework will install all the new classes.

Version 1.3 - June 28th, 2021

  • NEW: Purge ( Cleaning unused CSS classes) functionality added.
  • NEW: Blur background classes.
  • NEW: Breakout classes
  • NEW: P2-col, 3-col, 4-col auto grid classes added

Re-install the framework to apply new classes.

OxyMade Framework V1.2+ all minor updates release notes

Version 1.2.10 - June 17th, 2021

  • FIX: Hover 3d styles bug fixed.

Version 1.2.9 - June 16th, 2021

  • NEW: Max-width utilities added
  • NEW: Color classes added
  • NEW: FLEX utilities added

Re-install the framework to apply new classes.

Version 1.2.8 - June 9th, 2021

  • Introducing a new module - Automatically change to id.
  • FIX: Underline from center hover effect visibility hidden fix.

Version 1.2.7 - June 8th, 2021

  • Fixed pasting blocks order.
  • Fixed Hovers panel parent error when adding multi-class hovers.

Version 1.2.6 - June 7th, 2021

  • Added: Closing colors, hovers panels with escape button.
  • Fixed a few bugs in pasting blocks. Now blocks will be pasted in order.

Version 1.2.5 - June 6th, 2021

  • Attention: Reset base design set to apply the changes that comes with this version.

  • Added missing hover background colors for buttons.

  • Fixed color sidebar closing bug.

Version 1.2.4 - June 5th, 2021

  • Added missing width rules for cards.
  • Reset or change the base design set to apply the changes.

Version 1.2.3 - June 4th, 2021

  • Converted old rounded classes with new rem values.

Version 1.2.2 - June 3rd, 2021

  • Fixed priority issue with the display classes.

Version 1.2.1 - June 3rd, 2021

  • Fixed a bug that is messing up tabs and pills. Re-installing the framework should fix any issues.

OxyMade Framework V1.2 - Huge update 😍

Here are the quick-release notes of OxyMade Framework V 1.2.

We have released the biggest update just a few weeks back and we are again here with another major update to the framework.

Read the full post below to know how to update successfully to this new version.


  1. Default global settings with min(max & one click installation. Edit fonts and start designing.

  2. space-y aka owl spacing utilities - We have added a set of space-y utilities to quickly adjust vertical spacing between elements.

  3. More and better grids - We have just added 30 types of grids, ready to use in the Oxygen editor as elements. And also added a few more grid utility classes to quickly create any type of grids.

  4. Order classes to modify the order of grid items.

  5. Upgraded the framework to REM with 10px rem unit. Now to make it easy for you all, we have modified our REM unit as 1 REM = 10px.

  6. And a few more simple, yet needed utilities introduced.


  1. Min(Max sizing and spacing - We have converted all our utility classes to use min(max for better responsive experience. You don't need to write any responsive spacing utilities from now. We have used min(max which has more device and backward compatibility than clamp. And it works exactly like clamp and works in more devices.

  2. Hover effects panel inside Oxygen editor to view and use our hover effects without writing a class. We have added another icon in the Oxygen editor top toolbar which opens our hover effects panel. Select an element, choose the effect and apply.

  3. 40+ Quick OxyMade helper elements right inside the editor. We have added 40+ grid & button helpers in the Oxygen editor.

  4. Better Utility class locking with Hydrogen class lock support. We have improved our utility class locking and now we are compatible with Hydrogen utility locking.

  5. New buttons with Auto hover colours based on existing colours. We are generating colors for hover effects automatically using he primary and secondary colors and you don't specifically need to apply hover colors for buttons anymore.

Note: We are depreciating a few buttons and adding 3 new buttons to our framework. More details can be found in the cheatsheet tomorrow.


Perform the below actions to update all the sets successfully.

  1. Take the backup - Always take the backup in case.

  2. Global settings - Install settings using the button beside re-install the framework button in the plugin. Recommended in new install only.

  3. Update the framework - Install the latest updates to the framework by clicking on re-installing the framework button.

  4. Auto hover colors - Just click on the update colour palette button once to generate new colour vars which is essential for auto hover effects on buttons.

  5. Add new button styles: Click on the change design set or Reset the base design set to install new buttons from your base design set.

OxyMade Framework V1.1.2 released

  1. Fixed shadows importing right
  2. Fixed Megaset colours identifying to smooth the upgrade process.

OxyMade Framework V1.1 released

  1. The issue with Colors not loading in the frontend, fixed
  2. Auto updater not able to update, fixed.
  3. Hover classes extra slash issue, fixed.
  4. Added two-buttons-set class added.

OxyMade Framework V1.1 released

This is a big update with over 25 improvements, new features and fixes.

Here is the list of a few updates:

  1. Reset to Oxygen default settings button added. This button resets (empties) all the settings on the website.
  2. Reset to before using Oxymade. We have added a button to take your site back to before OxyMade settings.
  3. Ability to remove selectors folders.
  4. Empty selectors folders, stylesheets with one button.
  5. Added a checklist with progress of tasks that need to be done to use our framework better.
  6. Better One-click installer.
  7. Colors installer fixes.
  8. Option to remove the framework license key.
  9. And a lot more small fixes.

Happy building awesome websites with OxyMade 😍

New Framework version released

We have developed our framework plugin from scratch with the better UI and best possible optimized features for your Oxygen Install.

Below are the new features we have introduced:

  1. Rebranded the framework from OxyMonster Framework to OxyMade Framework.
  2. We have added 40+ hover effects to the framework to apply awesome and powerful hover effects to elements very easily.
  3. We have added a few useful utility classes to the framework.
  4. Better UI and UX for quick and easy framework management.
  5. Better colors editor.
  6. Fixed a lot of bugs.

Please log in to your dashboard at OxyMade Dashboard and download the framework to give it a try now.

Happy building awesome websites 😍

Live preview area and page template generators added to all design sets

Now, each design set has its own preview area that allows you to browse all the blocks within it, check responsiveness, copy those blocks, and paste them into the Oxygen editor.

All design sets now include our powerful page generator. With a single click, you can copy and paste the pages you have generated using our copy-paste feature.

We have even added the copy this block feature so you can directly copy a single block while browsing the blocks in the generator.

Re-launch of Mega design set with lot of changes

We're re-launching our Mega design set with the sleekest of new features!

We have modified our entire collection of blocks to be compatible with the latest changes in our framework. We're certain that you will enjoy this new version and find it simple and easy to use!

  1. Our team has been hard at work to make sure our blocks are easy and intuitive for you, so we've added new auto responsive/fluid card classes. These card classes will allow you to easily modify the look of your site with just a few clicks!
  2. We added shadows and better spacing to all of our blocks.
  3. All blocks now have responsive spacing so you no longer need to add a separate margin, padding, text size, heading size, and cards for each responsive breakpoint. Just use any regular padding, size, heading or margin class and responsive spacing will be set correctly. We have responsive spacing inbuilt into all our regular spacing classes.
  4. All the blocks have been lightened by removing extra divs. We looked at every block for a possible way to lighten it up, and we have done that.
  5. There have been several small changes to the design to make it more cohesive. When we feel the need for more polish, we've added necessary borders, shadows and radius etc.
  6. There was an issue with Safari that caused the height of several elements to display strangely and we fixed that by adding definite heights.

Restro - A restaurant Design Set Launched

The new Restro Design Set is the perfect starter set for any agency that wants to create a new restaurant website.

You can choose from different layouts, customize every detail of your site!

Restro design set preview

Restro design set page template generator

Click on above links and check our wonderfully designed blocks.

Website and dashboard update

What's new in our new website and the dashboard?

  1. As you all know we are merging both OxyMade & OxyMonster and unifying as a single brand OxyMade.
  2. We have changed the look of the user dashboard where you download the plugin, manage design sets and keys.
  3. Added a new documentation area with detailed step-by-step guides to do anything with our framework, and our website.
  4. A change log with all the new features and changes we have pushed.
  5. One single place to add your domains and you don't need to add domains for each design set. You add domain once and all our sets work for that domain without any issue.

45+ new blocks added to the mega kit

Two more updates coming this week including OxyMonster + oxyMade merge 🙂

Spread the positive word to help us do even more, please. 🙏👏😍

Thanks for your support.

Big January update - Monster Color System is out

Please read this below post to get a clear idea on what it is & how to upgrade?

👉 Read: https://try.oxymade.com/read-color-system

Update the plugin today to get all the new features.

Happy building beautiful sites 🥳 🎉

Woo Checkout Kit release announcement

Hello everyone,

We are very excited to release our new design kit for woo commerce "Checkout" in OxyMonster.

We are happy that the result is so beautiful that you can design awesome websites with our woo kit.

This kit is free for all OxyMonster users. Get OxyMonster at just $99 offer for all OxyMade customers is going to be end very soon. Avail the offer as soon as you can.

We have following categories and blocks in our woo kit.

Blocks x 48

  1. Counters x 5
  2. Hero blocks x 5
  3. About x 5
  4. Contact x 3
  5. Show case x 6
  6. Products list x 7
  7. FAQ x 4
  8. CTA x 8
  9. Features x 7

Templates x 24

  1. 404 Error templates x 3
  2. Category page templates x 3
  3. Search results templates x 7
  4. Archive templates x 5
  5. Single product x 6

You can check our kit preview here: https://checkout.oxymonster.com

We don't want to stop designing more and more blocks for this kit, it will get many updates in future too.

Upcoming in this kit: We are going to release more customized, beautiful templates using OxyUltimate Woo Add-on.

Hope you all like this new kit.

We are going to release more detailed documentation + video guides to use Monster framework by this month end.

Get your site key here: https://oxymonster.com/dashboard/?access=1603249400

Share your feedback. 😍

Dashboard update

Now you can add domains with/without https.

Now you can add domains with/without trialing slash at the end.

Now you can add local host domains as well.

version 0.29 - 21/01/2021

NEW Hidden license key in license tab, after activation.

Bug fix: Fixed settings import issue

version 0.28 - 21/01/2021

Enhancements: Improved colors editor. Converted all buttons in all kits to text links for better compatibility with the framework. Converted full framework from px to REM

NEW Added kit specific settings import in colors editor. Added kit specific extras import in colors editor.

Bug fix: Fixed buttons overriding issue in the framework and a few kits.

version 0.27 - 19/01/2021

Improved Colors Editor Added Monster Colors System Added Import / Export Colors between sites Added One click Colors manager Removed Oxygen Global Colors Editor Removed Full Framework Improved Plugin Filesystem Modified & improved overall plugin flow

version 0.26 - 05/01/2021

Improved Colors Manager using CSS vars Added frontend colors slider

version 0.25 - 25/12/2020

Added - color palettes area. Added - one click colors installation. Modified plugin dashboard. Fixed shadow classes bugs. Fixed h-auto class bug. Added extra colors for design system. Added color picker for Global colors editor.

version 0.16 - 11/10/2020

Added Paste module to enable quick copying of sections from our preview browser

version 0.24 - 24/11/2020

Added paste option to quickly paste blocks from OxyMade, OxyMonster Previews and OxyMade Page Builder.

version 0.23 - 17/11/2020

Fixed duplicate stylesheet ids issue when installed with Core framework.

version 0.22 - 31/10/2020

Locked utility classes to not edit them accidentally in the editor to prevent issues.

version 0.21 - 27/10/2020

Fixed call_user_func error for a few hosts.

version 0.20 - 19/10/2020

Added an option to install/skip cards, avatars, buttons, icons classes, and a few global settings. This is helpful when creating websites using any design kits.

version 0.19 - 18/10/2020

Fixed a few typos, bugs and ready for public release.

version 0.18 - 16/10/2020

Added button classes, icon classes and few necessary classes for framework. Fixed selectors category bug.

version 0.17 - 14/10/2020

Important bug fixes and modules manager improvement

version 0.12 - 30/09/2020

Added padding vertical and horizontal classes in base framework for all devices

version 0.15 - 08/10/2020

Added Global classes editor area improved.

version 0.14 - 05/10/2020

Added Global classes editor area introduced

version 0.13 - 02/10/2020

Responsive bug fixes and optimized the framework

version 0.11 - 29/09/2020

Optimized global colors & colors classes Few bug fixes

version 0.11 - 28/09/2020

Optimized Global colors & Colors classes Now importing global colors with base framework installation is optional

version 0.10 - 27/09/2020

Auto installing OxyMonster stylesheet on plugin activation. Added border style, width and radius classes and categories Improved colors classes

version 0.9 - 22/09/2020

Introduced base framework Introduced modules manager Added Merge classes module enable/disable option Fixed a couple of bugs

version 0.8 - 17/09/2020

Added Global colors editor for editing global colors and global color sets Fixed a few bugs

version 0.7 - 12/09/2020

Fixed breakpoint classes does not take an effect. Added New colors classes.

version 0.6 - 08/09/2020

Added display classes Added margin classes Added border classes Added box shadow classes Fixed bugs in responsive classes

version 0.5 - 02/09/2020

👉 Added flex box classes 👉 Added justify content, and all flex box associated classes 👉 Added animation classes 👉 Added padding classes

version 0.4 - 27/08/2020

👉 Added Merge Classes Module to the plugin 👉 Added letter spacing & line height classes 👉 Added align classes

version 0.3 - 19/08/2020

👉 OxyMonster Framework settings page added

👉 Added global settings

👉 Added option to choose what to install

👉 Added background, height, width classes

version 0.2 - 13/08/2020

👉 Added license management

👉 Added option to auto update the plugin whenever there is an update

👉 Modified all classes to compatible with oxygen's default selectors.

version 0.1 - 06/08/2020 - First version release

👉 Released first version

👉 Added fixes to grid classes

👉 Added categories to classes for better management

version 0 - beta release - 28/07/2020

👉 Beta release with grid classes for desktop